Judi lover is an industrialist, author and blogger who never seems to get tired

Ayhan Tanardo is a wealthy industrialist who owns a factory that manufactures portable speakers, wireless mouse and wireless keyboards. Ayhan is nowadays busy writing a book along with an Indian-Indonesian Ayurvedic doctor from Bali about the side-effects of hitting the puberty sooner than the average time and how one can delay it for their children. Ayhan and this Ayurvedic doctor firmly believe that an average lifespan could be increased with the delaying of the puberty.

Even though Ayhan is one of the busiest guys that you will ever meet, he still makes up enough time for himself to play Judi online and to auto-blog.

Ayhan says that he has the secret information that some of the upcoming luxury cars by Renault and Nissan will be more fun to drive than a Porsche and they will cost a lot lesser than any of the Porsches available in the market. Ayhan himself loves Renault and Nissan as he finds those pretty fun to drive and not as unreliable as they are said to be but Ayhan hates Dacia with all his heart as the cars by Dacia offer no safety and lack in many other disciplines.

Ayhan also says that he has the secret information that a Tunisian gentleman wants to create a car that can beat Mercedes in every term. Ayhan says that this guy has no automobile related past or any credentials, all he has is a lot of money, will and determination and Ayhan believes that there are 75% chances that this guy will succeed in his endeavors.

Ayhan himself worked a lot in the past in a hope for creating a feasible car that was to completely be made of leather (both leather interiors and exteriors) but he failed badly in all his efforts.

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