Successful baking soda manufacturer loves hot men and QQ288

Amira Aksoy owns a company that manufactures baking soda and she is really proud of her business as she is a self made woman. Amira started her career as AWS Security Assistant at Amazon Inc and here she is today, one of the richest women in the small town that she lives in.

Amira is already 35 and she still gets goosebumps whenever she sees a hot and handsome man belonging to a different community than hers in the flesh. Amira says that she doesn’t find men interesting at all no matter how good looking they are when she sees them on the internet, photographs or on Television but her body language changes drastically whenever she sees a hot man in the flesh and she starts doing stupid things like playing with her hair or looking away or staring the man with a tempting face.

Amira has always been highly interested in automobiles and she always has a lot to say about the automobile industry. Amira has studied the automobile industry of different parts of the world including India. Amira says that Toyotas are always in a high demand in India, back in the year 2010, there used to be a 6 month waiting period all across India if you wanted to buy a Fortuner.

Amira believes that Lexus and Toyota have gone too lazy and ignorant due to their high sales volume. Amira believes that they should recruit the BMW and Porsche engineers to make their cars fun-to-drive just like Hyundai-KIA has been stealing the Euro car designers for a while.

Amira is yet to see a happy Fiat, Chrysler or Dodge buyer but until she does that, she is busy betting on qq288.

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