He had the pleasure of working with Brian Tracy and now he is enjoying gambling on credit

Mike Tanto worked for one of the greatest motivational speakers of the century – Brian Tracy when he used to import Suzuki vehicles in Canada.

Mike is currently a SAP Security Consultant at a Software Company but Mike’s passion still remains the auto industry. Mike claims that many car manufacturing companies wanted to have their manufacturing plants in Pakistan instead of India but the Illuminati warned them.

Mike claims that soon enough, the parking space measurement will be mandatory in all the cars.

Mike has thoroughly studied the Indian automobile industry as well. Mike says that Nissan has had over ten failed attempts in India and now they should leave the Indian market as Mike believes that nobody is going to buy a Nissan in India no matter how hard the Nissan tries. Mike claims that soon enough the Kicks that the Nissan launched in the January of 2019 will start seeing under 100 sales per month.

Mike believes that hybrid diesel engines are one of the greatest blunders ever in the history of the automobile industry.

Along with studying the automotive industry of India, Mike has also studied the religion of Hinduism and Mike claims that it is clearly mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that there is life on the planet Saturn and the Saturn as a whole can send negative vibes and energy to the entire planet earth or even specific creatures living here. Mike claims that the planet Saturn can be taken over by extraordinary human beings like it has been mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. Mike says that Ravana won Saturn with the power of his will and so can the rocket scientists if they try hard enough.

On the occasion of Memorial Day, Mike said that no matter how much somebody praises the United States Government, the democracy in the nation or its military, he is not willing to respect a nation that allows pro-pedophile organizations to flourish.

Mike says that the greatest news to him is that he can now gamble on credit deposit (judi deposit pulsa) and that’s what matter to him the most.

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