Top Nephrologist doesn’t smoke or drink but he cannot imagine living without his wife and online gambling

Abbe Gahn has been practicing Nephrology for over 12 years in the city of Sejong, South Korea.

Abbe has been working on inventing better and faster ways to get rid of kidney stones. Abbe says that he appreciates the way they have been able to invent several different and innovative methods to get rid of prostate stones lately and the same is the inspiration for him to invent innovative methods to get rid of the kidney stones as well.

Abbe is not a fan of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and almost anything that is not western medical science but he firmly admits that Traditional Chinese Medicine really works wonder with specific kidney issues.

Abbe claims that he can diagnose and treat almost all the known portfolio of nephrology but his main specialties includes nephritis, kidney stones, urology and transplant.

Abbe used to lecture at a university but since he has gone too busy with his practice, he doesn’t have the time to do the same anymore. During his career till now, he has been invited to several national and international medical colleges to lecture.

Abbe has over 15 original publications to his name.

Abbe’s wife is also a dermatologist who has been working on creating a soft drink which she claims will be one of the most delicious soft drinks in the history of the mankind and the main aim of the soft drink will not be its flavor but it will be aimed for people of all ages, sizes and shapes that do not want to get usual kidney diseases in their entire lifetime and the reason why it has been taking her so long to create it is because she claims that it will come without any side effects at all.

Abbe doesn’t drink or smoke but he is an online gambling lover with a thing for 안전놀이터

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