Event planner from Nonthaburi wonders what percentage of Thai event planners regularly play Baccarat online

Armando Lee has been operating as an event planner in the city of Nonthaburi in Thailand for the past 7 years.

Armando has been maintaining a blog on the official website of his event planning business for the past 4 years where he makes at least 2-3 posts per month.

Armando claims that event planning in itself is not that of a tough job as finding the right suppliers or venues is.

Armando claims that the Island of Malta and Gozo will be the greatest wedding destination in the coming few years and Armando also predicts that the popularity of the Island of Malta and Gozo as a wedding destination will only grow for the next 3 decades until some other wedding destination takes its place as the greatest.

Armando says that the masquerade ball events have been going downhill since the beginning of this century and there seems to be no hope for them anytime soon.

Armando warns against hiring event planners that don’t charge any fee at all and earn only through commissions from suppliers and venue owners. Armando claims that these event planners charge you at least double indirectly than they really should.

Armando claims that events for employees scaled up a lot before the advent of this century but since everything has been automated, the value of an employee in a company has reduced as well and so the events organized for them. Armando says that the employees are not appreciated, respected and taken care for as they did in the past. Armando really hopes that some miracle takes place soon enough and the employees get their lost respect back again.

Armando always wonders what percentage of event planners are regular to playing Baccarat (บาคาร่า) online. He really guesses the percentage to be too high, especially in his own province.

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