English language school owner and teacher in Makassar is a Judi Bola addict

Maye McDonald owns a very popular English language learning school in Makassar, Indonesia. Maye has been living in Indonesia for the past 7 years now and like most good Indonesian adults, she is now a full-fledged Judi Bola addict who cannot get enough of football gambling since the day she touched it. Although Maye is always busy gambling online, she still finds enough time to write posts on her language school blog.

Maye says that never before so many kids and teenagers joined her English language school and surprisingly enough, the high school kids tend to show better capabilities to learn the English language quicker than their adult counterparts.

Maya’s school has divided their language courses into 3 different major parts – Kids, Teens and Adult/Business. Maya says that first it was the Adult/Business course that had the largest number of students but for the past 6 months, the teenagers constitute the largest number of her students.

One of the very popular native English speaker motivational guru whose videos has millions of views on the Youtube also teaches the English language at Maye’s school.

When asked, “Why do you think the students come to school when they can learn English through so many self-help books by themselves?”, Maye replied that the students can learn new words through dictionary, grammar through grammar books, other things through other books, it is admissible that one can learn English in so many ways other than a school but a friendly English speaking atmosphere is something that they cannot get through books and that is something that surpasses everything else when it comes to learning English.

Maye believes that an English language school teacher must feel and behave like a personal mentor in order to be his/her best version possible.

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