Aerobics instructor bought a teabag company with the Betebet money

Iveta Aslan is an aerobics instructor who recently bought a teabag company with the money that she won with Betebet using the tips and tricks she learnt with an online gambling tips and tricks blog.

Iveta lived in India for quite a while where she noticed several changes that have took place since she last visited it in 1999. Iveta noticed an ayurvedic products selling business that has been going with the name Patanjali. Iveta did a lot of study and research on how an illiterate man like Swami/Baba Ramdev (born Ramkrishna Yadav) can create a multi-billion dollar company like Patanjali from scratch. Iveta says that after doing a thorough study and research for 7 months, she came to the conclusion that the real owner of the Patanjali is the Queen of England and through Patanjali, she is re-establishing her empire in India again. Iveta says that you may also call Patanjali as the modern day East India Company.

Iveta says that she has links with several top Czech politicians and knows a few of them personally. Iveta says that  although the Czech politicians are popular for not participating in group discussions and debates but they regularly listen and watch group discussions and debates on television and internet. One Czech politician told Iveta that she considers participating in debates and group discussions as a waste of time but sometimes they come up with great points there and that’s the reason why this politician watches these debates and group discussions with fast forward on on the Youtube.

Iveta met an Indian Rishi (sage) while in India who predicted very confidently that the hottest planet – Venus and the coldest planet – Neptune will collapse with each other and three different planets where life will be possible just like on earth will come into existence.

Kelly Ross has found new love in UFA Bet, Bodybuilding and Pick-Up Trucks

Kelly Ross has turned from a novice to a pro in terms of bodybuilding in the recent times. Kelly Ross started bodybuilding because her husband finds bodybuilder women more attractive than the most attractive supermodels and actresses. Kelly started bodybuilding to become more attractive to her husband which she has achieved and happy with but now she is liking the experience of feeling and looking so badass while driving her 2012 Chevrolet Silverado at least ten times more than the experience of feeling more attractive to her husband.

Kelly used to be extremely underweight before she joined the gym. One of the things that she has observed in the gym is that more Asian men and women. especially of the Japanese origin becoming interested in bodybuilding than ever before.

Kelly says that she has never felt and looked better before, not even in her late teens. Earlier she used not have the confidence to drive full-size trucks but now she drives nothing but full-size trucks. Kelly used to be extremely skinny for a woman 6’2″ but now she looks terrific. Kelly says that her recovering abilities are unmatched in the entire gym and she is popular for the same.

Kelly says that she doesn’t count reps just like the greatest ever boxer – Muhammad Ali did. Kelly believes in ‘No pain, no gain’ and she says that she doesn’t need as much rest as the other female bodybuilders do. Her joints never had any sort of pain either.

Kelly owns a video game store that sells DVDs, Playstations, XBox and simulators in the Downtown area of Kansas City, KA. When Kelly is bored, she likes to read gambling related posts on top gambling blogs or she likes to place some bets on ufabet.

An astrologer told Golda Bouchard that she will become rich if she takes financial risks, Golda says what’s better than online gambling then

Golda Bouchard is an auto enthusiast who says that Mercedes cars are not durable or reliable as they were before but they are definitely more fun to drive and that is the most important thing whence someone like herself looks for in a car while buying one.

Golda is not a White supremacist or racist but she is very proud of her White origin. Golda is ashamed of the fact that the European and American cars are being made fun of by the Japanese car makers that are relatively very new to the car making business. Golda says that not only the Japanese are far ahead in the car business but they are unparalleled when it comes to the motorcycle and scooter business which should be enough to make the American and European car industry go jump in a lake.

Golda believes that the Mini cars are very underrated and she says that she is fit enough to state this fact as she owns each of the Mini that has ever been produced.

Golda regularly shows her kids science-fiction movies to inspire and motivate them to innovate and help make the European and American technology unparalleled in every field again.

Golda owns a boutique in the Downtown area of her city where they only sew wedding gowns and not even the dress of the bridesmaid.

Golda’s husband – Sam is a Dentist by profession whose own nephew is such a big fan of him that he does free SEO and Social Media Marketing each day for his Dentist practice for free. This nephew of Sam owns a swimming club popular for hot girls.

Golda really believes the prediction by an astrologer that she will by filthy rich if she takes financial risks and Golda believes those financial risks to be gambling related and that’s the reason why she has been reading each and every post that is posted on trusted gambling blogs for the past 3 months and betting on the best slot machine that she has found yet.

Megan Berger claims her heart can aptly tell her whether she is going to win or lose a bet

Megan Berger keeps experimenting and inventing new dishes on her frying pan.

Megan loves to listen about the so-called upcoming World War 3 on her iPod when she is in her kitchen. Megan claims that Denmark and Sweden will side with the USA but Finland and Norway will side with the Russia if the World War 3 happens before 2025. Megan says that Finnish and Norwegians have more sympathy and emotions for the Russians and they aren’t as liberal as the Swedish and Danish people. Megan says that only 4% of the Finland’s population is Swedes as contrary to the popular perception of 8% of them being Swedes.

Megan loves to know about the pre-historic era and she claims that the Homo Sapiens in the ice-age were more likely to commit suicide than in the modern era.

Megan’s family is related to the Czars and her great-grandmother used to tell Megan about how the Bolsheviks used to eat the livers and hearts of the diplomats and aristocrats during the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Megan says that she knows some officers in North Korea and they have told Megan that Kim Jong Un looks up to the likes of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Genghis Khan, Taimur and Mihirkula.

Megan has traveled many countries across the world and she says that Mumbai, Karachi and London have nothing in common other than being coastal cities although all three were founded and established by the British.

Megan claims that she knows the art of listening to her heart and brain aptly and she can even teach the same to the others. Once Megan’s heart told her that if she bets on แทงบอล today, she will not lose a single bet and the same happened. She won 89000 USD that same day.

Big believer in reincarnation and humanitarian causes goes on betting sprees

Deborah Belmont recently couldn’t stop wondering what is it that makes the Indians feel so inferior about themselves. She read an advertisement of an animation college which read “India’s Only Animation College with full-time Canadian faculty”. She instantly said to herself, being Canadian doesn’t make you a good faculty. Deborah is a Canadian herself and she finds herself so inferior to the people of United States and Scandinavian countries.

Deborah has traveled to India herself and she found something nostalgic about the Wagah border. Deborah is a believer in reincarnation and she still believes that in her previous birth she was an Indian or Pakistani soldier who was either killed somewhere around the Wagah border or used to guard the Wagah border.

Deborah is a great believer in humanity and humanitarian causes. Deborah agrees with Pierre Omidyar when he says that 99% of the people are good.

Deborah’s family has been into hand-stitched clothes and suits business for over 49 years now.

Deborah doesn’t feel embarrassed to admit that she lusted on her father when she was only 12.

Deborah preaches on each of her blog that everyone must follow the seven laws of Noah. Deborah believes that Noah and the Manu in Hinduism are the one and the same. Manu has his five laws which are very much like the seven laws of Noah.

Deborah says that yoga masters claiming that globally 2 billion people practice Yoga is an absolute baloney. Not more than 80-90 million people throughout the world practice Yoga, according to Deborah.

Anyways, Deborah is an avid gambler and she sometimes goes on betting sprees on trusted websites like 먹튀사이트. She once made bets worth 30, 000 CAD within 5-6 hours.

Do you believe in life after lottery? A hypnotherapist’s best friend finds it unethical no matter how rich it made her hypnotherapist friend

Amelot Antonyuk loves her Volga GAZ 24 as much as she loves buku mimpi 2d bergambar
and reading the latest posts on her favorite lottery forums and blogs online.

Amelot is a web designer turned music composer who believes the theory that the dinosaurs didn’t all die but they left the planet earth for another one. Amelot also believes that the dinosaurs were far more technically superior than the human beings have ever been. Amelot also believes that the living creatures on other planets are far more advanced, live longer and intelligent than the homo sapiens sapiens.

Amelot also believes that some of the aliens on planets yet undiscovered are immortal and they are far more powerful and miraculous than the Hindu or Greek gods. Amelot also doubts that Yahweh was an alien in disguise who wanted to destroy the human beings by giving wrong beliefs to the humans. Amelot says that Yahweh not being a god is quite evident with the fact that he didn’t tell Abraham anything about the negative consequences of the incest.

One of Amelot’s best friends converted to Islam and Amelot asked her if your god is the true go, why didn’t he told you that cousin marriages are bad? From that day on, Amelot’s best friend started thinking about this a lot and it only took her 3 months to return back to agnosticism.

Amelot is a qualified hypnotherapist and she spends more time driving, betting and reading lottery related posts on different forums and blogs combined than she does on her practice. Amelot also started a sign board advertising business recently with the money she won with different online lotteries. Amelot recommends that one must always check the reliability and trustworthiness of an online lottery before betting. Amelot has provided her best friend with the list of the most reliable and trustworthy lottery many times but she feels that gambling, lotteries and casinos are unethical even though she is an atheist now.

From Surat India to Chiang Mai Thailand, from Hinduism to Christianity, from a thousandaire to a Millionaire, Aurora Arden’s story is really one of a kind

Aurora Arden was born into a Sindhi Hindu family of Surat, Gujarat, India. Aurora told me that her ancestors were converted to Islam by the persons of Prophet Muhammad and Khaleed Ibn Al Waleed long ago but after getting persecuted for converting by the relatives and friends, they decided to become Hindus again. The Hindu priests weren’t willing to convert them back to Hinduism so Aurora’s parents moved to Gujarat from the present day Sindh in Pakistan.

Aurora says that one of her ancestors saw Khalid Ibn Al Waleed in person and he was at least 6 feet 7 inches tall. Aurora moved to Thailand when she was 18 for her studies as she got a scholarship at a University in Chiang Mai. Aurora met her soulmate during the 2nd year of their graduation year, it was a love at first sight, Aurora’s current husband and then boyfriend told her a lot about the Christianity and she decided to convert to Christianity as she didn’t like the Hinduism in the first place, she never even followed Hinduism as she found the stories so fairy-tailish and unoriginal.

Aurora’s father used to work as a staff at occupational safety and health administration in India. Aurora says that each and every government and private department of India is corrupt including the occupational safety and health administration. If we have to believe Aurora, Aurora’s father hated the corruption so much that he never took any bribe and instead was involved in several anti-corruption movements of India including the Anna Hazare’s movement.

Aurora is herself against corruption very much though some people do not believe her when they get to know that she is a habitual gambler and a millionaire one. Aurora wasn’t a millionaire before she discovered UFABET.

Ex-Politician is a married businesswoman now and she loves gambling online with her wealthy businessman husband

Samantha Bisset tried her career in politics but it proved to be a disaster. Samantha says that her experience with the politicians has been extremely bad. Samantha says that most politicians are procrastinators, they are not men or women of their words and the last thing that you would do is that you would ever trust a politician, Samantha says that they must be the least trustworthy people of the society.

Samantha claims that over 55% of the politicians that she knew were addicted to some sort of a substance or alcohol and few of them even tried to take sexual advantages from Samantha.

Samantha says that it is a very strange times that we are living in. Samantha says that this is the time when all the chiefs of the different nations have great friendly relationships with each other but still their nations are in conflict with each other. Samantha says that these politicians don’t even refrain from backstabbing or double-crossing the best of their friends.

About gun control, Samantha says that the guns should only be permitted to the married people or single mothers or single fathers and that doesn’t include single teenage fathers or mothers.

Samantha says that one day, the US establishment will regret its gun laws, its attack on the weaker and small countries, its attack on oil rich countries like Iraq and its arrogance.

Samantha has been involved in a cupboard business for the past 6 years. She imports cupboards from the Republic of China and supply these all over the United States of America both online and offline.

Samantha’s husband – Will is a major supplier of plastic tanks including Package Sewage Treatment Tanks, Water Storage Tanks, Loft Tanks, Sump Tanks, Underground Water Storage Tanks.

The couple is a financially rich one but the couple’s greed makes them bet on Judi Online Terpercaya over and over again and they have a reputation of winning 7 out of 10 bets, which is really good.

Sridevi Ahuja is amazed at how far Thailand, Ukraine and their online gambling industry has come in the recent times

Sridevi Ahuja loves to read astronautics and astronomy in her free time. Sridevi says that nobody should take the current astrophysics seriously as it cannot be considered reliable at all.

Sridevi is a businesswoman and owner of the most popular garden lopper factory in the state of Kansas. Earlier, Sridevi’s factory also used to produce fence panels. Sridevi is a business blogger as well and her blog is always full of interest business related posts and her observation about the business and industries from different parts of the world.

Sridevi says that Bangkok is now known more for its shipbuilding industry than its Thai massage which is a good thing for the economy of the Bangkok and Thailand as a whole as the revenues that the government of Thailand earn from the Thai massage trade are on a constant rise as well like they have been since the dawn of the Thai massage Parlours in Bangkok.

Sridevi says that the petroleum industry across the world is in a great danger of extinction and the Saudi Arabia and UAE charging their citizens Income Tax is the proof along with the world’s biggest oil refinery owner – Mukesh Ambani entering different other industries even after suffering losses each time is the proof.

Sridevi says that she is amazed that most countries that produce wheat also produce coffee even though they both have nothing to do with each other. She says that it is perhaps the nature’s way of telling that the nations that consume a lot of wheat need a lot of coffee to digest the same as well.
Sridevi is amazed to see the progress of the Ukraine as a steel and automobile manufacturer. Even though Ukraine is still far from becoming as good as the Germany when it comes to producing top-notch vehicles, Sridevi is fascinated by the durable, reliable and beautiful buses that the Lviv Bus Factory has been producing for the last 2 decades.

Sridevi is also amazed at how far the online gambling industry has come since its dawn, forget about the gambling websites, the standard of the online gambling blogs has reached unprecedented heights as well, take a look at any of their online casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์).

Ford lover has been saving Major Park money to buy a Mondeo soon

Patrick Song is an auto blogger who recently wrote a post about how the Peugeot ran away with the booking amount of many Indian people but still Peugeot’s engines are being used in over 15 cars manufactured in India by different manufacturers. Patrick wrote that the Peugeot wants to return to India but it fears that the Indian men and women who made the booking deposit are going to welcome the top officials of the Peugeot at the airport that they will be arriving at.

Patrick loves the way the Ford cars handle and he claims that nothing can beat the Ford if the Ford starts building cars as reliable as the Honda and Toyota. Patrick’s first love and first car was his Ford Fiesta and after that he bought a Honda Fit and a Toyota Yaris and hated both of them. Patrick says that it is a punishment when such boring cars last so long while the incredible fun-to-drive Fords last so short. Patrick has been saving the amounts that he has been winning with 메이저공원 for the past 5 months to buy a Ford Mondeo.

Patrick claims that he has the secret information that Kawasaki is going to supply Fiat with its reliable, durable, punchy and peppy engines as Fiat fears that it is going to go defunct by 2023 if it doesn’t take any revolutionary action. Patrick says that rest all companies including Honda and Ford have decided not to supply Fiat with any sort of engine and it is a smart move on their part as they are going to eliminate a competitor this way but the Fiat on the other side is also determined to become a top car maker once again and if they are able to make a successful deal with Kawasaki, this is it, they are going to get their glory back for certain. The only condition is that they must price their car right.

40 year old Youtuber from Busan claims that it is possible to make as much money as you want with black magic and online gambling

Jim Sandler is a 40 year old Youtuber from Busan, South Korea, who never gets tired of repeating that he has gone immensely polite with age. At the age of 31, when he started Youtubing, he would complain all the time about how bad Youtubing was and how hard he has to make a living through the Youtube but for the past 1 year, it has been quite the opposite, now he cannot thank Youtube enough for providing the food on his own and his family’s table. Jim says that the biggest thing that Jim is thankful to Youtube for is getting him a wife, yes, you heard it right, Jim met his wife through Youtube, she wasn’t even a fan of his but rather a critique, but the desperate Jim managed to get a date with her after she regularly commented on each of his videos for months and after 2 years of dating, she became his wife and they have been living together happily ever since.

Jim claims to have been studying each and every piece that he can find about the Italian film director, writer, poet and intellectual lately.

Looking at Jim’s videos lately, it looks like it is true that Jim has been studying Pier Paolo Pasolini really.

Jim recently made a 45 minutes long video dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, in which he started that it is great for him to learn that the biopic directed by one of the former collaborators of Pier Paolo Pasolini ‘La Macchinazione’ has over 70% Non-Italian viewers.

Jim also made a claims that Pier Paolo really wanted to explore the African continent a bit more after he worked in different countries of the African continent for a couple of years, but he was scared of the African dictators and the thugs. Jim claims that Pier Paolo Pasolini was really fascinated with the African culture, traditions, magic and many other things.

Jim received a lot of hate for claiming in his video that Pier Paolo Pasolini lied that he had his first homosexual attraction in the year 1944, in order to not look like a pervert and adds that it was a quite successful endeavor.

Jim has been telling on his videos repeatedly for months now that through black magic, you can make as much money with 안전공원놀이터.

Blunt and controversial Phuket Nephrologist doesn’t need a ticket to the Mars, he would rather spend his time betting on the Thai websites

Dr Logan Gagnon is a Nephrologist from Phuket, Thailand who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that taking health supplements of all sorts including your so-called multivitamins are extremely bad for the health of your kidneys and the urinary tract alike.

Dr Logan Gagnon believes that most independent Nephrologists don’t have the time to keep a check on their receptionists and he believes that it is one of the worst things about the modern Nephrologists of the modern day. Dr Logan further adds that it wouldn’t be so bad 2 decades ago, but nowadays when the patients are so particular about how they get treated by their clinic staff, it can prove do be a disaster for your clinic and may result in your clinic/practice file for the bankruptcy.

Dr Logan claims that Hispanic men and women are at the least risk of getting a kidney disease just like you are least likely to lose money with an Asian Bookie (เอเชียนบุ๊คกี้). Dr Logan is literally a fan of the Thai bookie that he uses all the time and he trusts none but Thai websites when it comes to online betting.

Dr Logan claims that the kidney diseases are more prevalent among the people born to second cousins or step cousins than the first cousins. Dr Logan personally believes that the cousin marriage or inbreeding is not as bad as it has been made out to be recently by the scientists, doctors and the mainstream media. Dr Logan sometimes doubts that the exaggeration of the side-effects and shortcomings of inbreeding are a propaganda against the Jews and the Muslims.

The religious but poor nation of India loves BTC gambling, claims Mr Tony Simmons

Tony Simmons is an auto journalist from Peterborough, England, who claims that he along with his wife, have been working on creating small compatible book holders for the cars. Tony writes that he has been busy betting on bitcoin casino websites for the extra funds that he needs for this invention and the results have been very good lately.

Tony writes that some mechanics are so busy shopping around the latest gadgets for their business that while their rivals are busy repairing the cars the old school way, the gadget freaks are busy checking out the latest gadgets. Tony writes that he is against both the gadget freak mechanics and the ones that only repair the cars the old school way, Tony claims that it is very hard to find a perfect combination of a mechanic who repairs the cars honestly and puts his all like an old school mechanic while using the latest gadgets available in the market.

Tony claims that the descendants of Walter Simpson of Ajax Motor Vehicle Company are planning a comeback with manufacturing electric-vehicle batteries and Tony really hopes and wishes that they become successful in their endeavor because Tony claims to have personally met them and he has also always been a big fan of the vintage Ajax cars.

Tony claims that they are never going to launch the Mazda cars in India because he believes that there is no market for those there. Tony recently saw the figures for btc gambling in India and he was amazed that the people of such a poor country have been betting so high.

Tony also believes that Ford still builds the best Value for Money cars and Lincoln is the most underrated luxury car brand ever. Tony believes that Lincoln has an edge over the Cadillac but still they buy more Cadillacs than the Lincolns.

He hates Communism and Leninism but loves Soccer Betting

Richard Benson is an Indonesian author who recently wrote a book on the life of Vladimir Lenin – the founder of Leninism and Russia’s first communist ruler.

In his book, Richard claims that not being able to produce a child had a great impact on the mental and psychological health of Vladimir Lenin, and that’s the major reason why he became a revolutionary. Richard writes that Vladimir believed that the only way he could take revenge on others for being childless was by destroying them and their descendants.

Richard writes that there is no denying that the communists were savages and although their savagery against the Tsarists is comprehensible to a limited extent but his punishment and savagery against anyone who opposed communism is clearly stupid. Richard writes that communism is in itself stupid and now almost non-existent.

Richard agrees that there are several fake propaganda documentaries being rotated all over the internet by the anti-communists but he also claims that there is certain truth attached to all those. Richard knows many of these guys through his closest Agen Bola.

Richard claims that Vladimir Lenin used to hallucinate and he secretly believed in satanism as well. Richard writes that Lenin would have dreams of Satan telling him that Vladimir Lenin was born to destroy the Christianity and rule the world. Richard writes that Vladimir really believed in it and also Vladimir believed that the Satan kept him childless because he refused to obey a few orders of the Satan in the past.

Richard writes that Vladimir Lenin dreamed more than twice where the Satan told him to destroy all the big skyscraper type buildings around the world because the top floors of these big buildings make a person nearer to god and Satan doesn’t want that to happen. Richard adds that Vladimir Lenin then thought that if that’s the case then building nothing but basement homes is a good idea but luckily enough, Vladimir never got the time to either destroy the buildings or build the basement offices and homes only.

Chiang Mai’s hospital owner was introduced to online gambling by a patient

Dr Steve Standley owns a family hospital in the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand. Dr Steve has a very popular blog dedicated to the western medicine as well.

Dr Steve writes on his blog that the cases of Acute Myocardial Infarction among the men and women under 50 is on a constant rise like never before.

Dr Steve writes that because of the inadequate vascular procedures of the past, most patients still believe that most vascular procedures of the modern times still do not work, which is far from the truth. Dr Steve believes that the vascular surgeons are lazy to not being able to widespread the message that their procedures are now extremely safe and good.

Dr Steve writes that most of his patients used to be very scared of the heart transplant until about 4-5 years ago but now most of the patients and their families don’t fear the procedure at all, which is amazing to see for a family hospital owner.

Dr Steve claims that he has been working on to create a vaccine for the prevention of Pulmonary Embolism.

Dr Steve believes that Pulmonary edema is most responsible for causing respiratory failure lately.

Dr Steve writes that although the pollution problem around the world is on a constant rise, the respiratory infections and inflammations in the first world countries are on a constant decline but on the contrary on a rise in the third world countries.

Dr Steve writes that half of the doctors at his hospital are either from the Indian subcontinent or the Middle-East, which Dr Steve is really proud of. Dr Steve was recently introduced to by a Yemeni patient at his hospital. This Yemeni patient spoke fluent Thai, English and Arabic. Dr Steve still misses the guy.

Dr Steve feels pity for some people belonging to certain religious backgrounds that don’t let the autopsies being performed on the corpses on one of their family members or friends, even when it is required. Dr Steve really hopes that the things will get better in the near future in this regard.

Indonesian author of American origin wrote a book on the lies of President Trump while gambling

Hope MacDonald is an Indonesian author of American origins who recently completed writing a book on Donald Trump which she named ‘Donald Trump – One Liar of a President’. I have read the free copy that she sent to me and this post is mostly going to be about that book only.

In her book, Hope writes that the current American President – Donald Trump lied at the Howard Stern interview that he never masturbated in his entire life whereas the reality is the complete opposite. Hope claims that Donald Trump used to masturbate everyday in his teenage years and early 20s and his sexual addiction and perversion stems back from that day. Hope claims that the masturbation in the teenage and early 20s only fueled Trump’s sexual ambitions which he seems to be very proud of. Hope even goes on to say that any Catholic priest will tell you by looking at Donald Trump’s photographs or the man in the flesh that he used to be a career-wanker in his early years.

Hope writes that when Donald Trump gave a speech claiming that the happiest people that he knows are professors, teachers and doctors and not his multi-millionaire or billionaire industrialist or business owner friends, he was completely lying. Hope claims in her book that for Trump – Money, Power and Women = Happiness and that’s all. Hope claims that Donald Trump knows no other meaning of happiness.

Hope writes in her book that Donald Trump is never going to build that wall because he is friends with the Drug Lord – Chapo Guzman.

Hope writes on her blog that not a single day went by while she wrote this book when she didn’t spend hours on bandar judi bola.

Singaporean author loves Russian history and is glad that none of her Catholic friends know about her addiction to online lottery

Widya Bagues is a Singaporean author who recently completed writing a book on Sviatoslav I of Kiev. In her book, Widya writes that during her several meetings with many different strict Catholics she discovered that all these strict Catholics like to claim that Sviatoslav wouldn’t have died at the young age of 30 if he converted on the advice of his mother.

Widya writes on her blog that she is glad that she never told about her relationship with her most favorite online togel (pengeluaran sgp) ever to any of these strict Catholics.

Widya writes in her book that the god Perun of the Slavic mythology and Varun of Hinduism share more than 200 similarities, which Widya has clearly mentioned in her book.

Widya claims in her book that Sviatoslav was a racist as he looked down upon everybody who didn’t belong to the Varangian tribe.

Widya writes that Sviatoslav I of Kiev conquered Khazaria because of his hatred for the Jews.

Widya writes in her book itself that Leo the Deacon is the most trusted source next to her book if you want to learn more about Sviatoslav I of Kiev.

Widya believes that Sviatoslav’s takeover of the Khazarian empire was his biggest mistake which ultimately cost him his life, indirectly though.

Widya writes that the relations between the Byzantine and the Rus’ empire were only good during the time when Saint Olga acted as the regent for Sviatoslav I of Kiev, but after Sviatoslav I took charge, they were in alliance but envied each other and would look for the ways to stab each other in the back.

Widya writes that the Primary Chronicle is again wrong when it mentions that Sviatoslav didn’t convert to Christianity because his warriors (druzhina) would lose respect for him and mock him, if he did so.