40 year old Youtuber from Busan claims that it is possible to make as much money as you want with black magic and online gambling

Jim Sandler is a 40 year old Youtuber from Busan, South Korea, who never gets tired of repeating that he has gone immensely polite with age. At the age of 31, when he started Youtubing, he would complain all the time about how bad Youtubing was and how hard he has to make a living through the Youtube but for the past 1 year, it has been quite the opposite, now he cannot thank Youtube enough for providing the food on his own and his family’s table. Jim says that the biggest thing that Jim is thankful to Youtube for is getting him a wife, yes, you heard it right, Jim met his wife through Youtube, she wasn’t even a fan of his but rather a critique, but the desperate Jim managed to get a date with her after she regularly commented on each of his videos for months and after 2 years of dating, she became his wife and they have been living together happily ever since.

Jim claims to have been studying each and every piece that he can find about the Italian film director, writer, poet and intellectual lately.

Looking at Jim’s videos lately, it looks like it is true that Jim has been studying Pier Paolo Pasolini really.

Jim recently made a 45 minutes long video dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, in which he started that it is great for him to learn that the biopic directed by one of the former collaborators of Pier Paolo Pasolini ‘La Macchinazione’ has over 70% Non-Italian viewers.

Jim also made a claims that Pier Paolo really wanted to explore the African continent a bit more after he worked in different countries of the African continent for a couple of years, but he was scared of the African dictators and the thugs. Jim claims that Pier Paolo Pasolini was really fascinated with the African culture, traditions, magic and many other things.

Jim received a lot of hate for claiming in his video that Pier Paolo Pasolini lied that he had his first homosexual attraction in the year 1944, in order to not look like a pervert and adds that it was a quite successful endeavor.

Jim has been telling on his videos repeatedly for months now that through black magic, you can make as much money with 안전공원놀이터.

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