Blunt and controversial Phuket Nephrologist doesn’t need a ticket to the Mars, he would rather spend his time betting on the Thai websites

Dr Logan Gagnon is a Nephrologist from Phuket, Thailand who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that taking health supplements of all sorts including your so-called multivitamins are extremely bad for the health of your kidneys and the urinary tract alike.

Dr Logan Gagnon believes that most independent Nephrologists don’t have the time to keep a check on their receptionists and he believes that it is one of the worst things about the modern Nephrologists of the modern day. Dr Logan further adds that it wouldn’t be so bad 2 decades ago, but nowadays when the patients are so particular about how they get treated by their clinic staff, it can prove do be a disaster for your clinic and may result in your clinic/practice file for the bankruptcy.

Dr Logan claims that Hispanic men and women are at the least risk of getting a kidney disease just like you are least likely to lose money with an Asian Bookie (เอเชียนบุ๊คกี้). Dr Logan is literally a fan of the Thai bookie that he uses all the time and he trusts none but Thai websites when it comes to online betting.

Dr Logan claims that the kidney diseases are more prevalent among the people born to second cousins or step cousins than the first cousins. Dr Logan personally believes that the cousin marriage or inbreeding is not as bad as it has been made out to be recently by the scientists, doctors and the mainstream media. Dr Logan sometimes doubts that the exaggeration of the side-effects and shortcomings of inbreeding are a propaganda against the Jews and the Muslims.

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