Ford lover has been saving Major Park money to buy a Mondeo soon

Patrick Song is an auto blogger who recently wrote a post about how the Peugeot ran away with the booking amount of many Indian people but still Peugeot’s engines are being used in over 15 cars manufactured in India by different manufacturers. Patrick wrote that the Peugeot wants to return to India but it fears that the Indian men and women who made the booking deposit are going to welcome the top officials of the Peugeot at the airport that they will be arriving at.

Patrick loves the way the Ford cars handle and he claims that nothing can beat the Ford if the Ford starts building cars as reliable as the Honda and Toyota. Patrick’s first love and first car was his Ford Fiesta and after that he bought a Honda Fit and a Toyota Yaris and hated both of them. Patrick says that it is a punishment when such boring cars last so long while the incredible fun-to-drive Fords last so short. Patrick has been saving the amounts that he has been winning with 메이저공원 for the past 5 months to buy a Ford Mondeo.

Patrick claims that he has the secret information that Kawasaki is going to supply Fiat with its reliable, durable, punchy and peppy engines as Fiat fears that it is going to go defunct by 2023 if it doesn’t take any revolutionary action. Patrick says that rest all companies including Honda and Ford have decided not to supply Fiat with any sort of engine and it is a smart move on their part as they are going to eliminate a competitor this way but the Fiat on the other side is also determined to become a top car maker once again and if they are able to make a successful deal with Kawasaki, this is it, they are going to get their glory back for certain. The only condition is that they must price their car right.

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