Aerobics instructor bought a teabag company with the Betebet money

Iveta Aslan is an aerobics instructor who recently bought a teabag company with the money that she won with Betebet using the tips and tricks she learnt with an online gambling tips and tricks blog.

Iveta lived in India for quite a while where she noticed several changes that have took place since she last visited it in 1999. Iveta noticed an ayurvedic products selling business that has been going with the name Patanjali. Iveta did a lot of study and research on how an illiterate man like Swami/Baba Ramdev (born Ramkrishna Yadav) can create a multi-billion dollar company like Patanjali from scratch. Iveta says that after doing a thorough study and research for 7 months, she came to the conclusion that the real owner of the Patanjali is the Queen of England and through Patanjali, she is re-establishing her empire in India again. Iveta says that you may also call Patanjali as the modern day East India Company.

Iveta says that she has links with several top Czech politicians and knows a few of them personally. Iveta says that  although the Czech politicians are popular for not participating in group discussions and debates but they regularly listen and watch group discussions and debates on television and internet. One Czech politician told Iveta that she considers participating in debates and group discussions as a waste of time but sometimes they come up with great points there and that’s the reason why this politician watches these debates and group discussions with fast forward on on the Youtube.

Iveta met an Indian Rishi (sage) while in India who predicted very confidently that the hottest planet – Venus and the coldest planet – Neptune will collapse with each other and three different planets where life will be possible just like on earth will come into existence.

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