Successful toy store owner uses nothing but Printable Calendars at both his store and residence

Anthony Galligani owns a very popular toy store in Fort Worth, Texas, which has come a long way in such a short span of time. One of the ways that Anthony promotes his business is blogging.

Anthony writes on his blog that he believes that the governments should make the toy business completely tax-free all across the country. He also believes that the governments should spend as much money on the toys as they do on the defense, if not more.

Anthony claims that the greatest reason behind his store’s success is that he treats all the employees with great care, sincerity, respect and love. Anthony claims that he doesn’t know a single toy store, the management of which treats its employees terribly and is still a success.

Anthony owned a clothing store in the past, he says that managing a toy store is far more complex than managing a clothing store, but it is much more satisfying as well to see the kids leave with a big smile on their faces. At both his stores, he used nothing but the Printable Calendar on the walls. He says that he also uses nothing but printable calendars on the walls of his house as well.

Anthony says that it is a pity that people fall for the toys sold at the home goods, bedding and kitchenware stores, just because they offer better discounts. Anthony says that they mostly sell China-made toys which are unsafe for the kids to play with and they also don’t refrain to lie about where the toys were made. Anthony claims that many of them sell China-made toys disguised as Made in Europe or America.

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