She wants to retire to Amman, Jordan with her gambling money

Ajda Hussain is an American citizen of Arabic origin. Ajda is an engineer by profession. Ajda lived in Japan for a while where she worked as a senior tech engineer for Yamaha. Ajda says that she learnt more at Yamaha within 6 months than she has in her entire life. Ajda loved the fact that the Yamaha hires some of the top motivational speakers to come and speak at their offices. Ajda had the pleasure of meeting the leading motivational speaker – Brian Tracy while working at Yamaha. In her diary, Ajda has mentioned Brian Tracy as one of the most phenomenal human beings that she has ever met.

Ajda claims to have done an extensive study on the serial killers. She says that the serial killers and other similar criminals are the result of bad genetics and poor upbringing.

Being a Muslim, Ajda says that east or west – Shariah is the best. Ajda claims that during the prehistoric times, there was a tribe in Arabia that created an empire so wealthy that the houses all over the empire were made of gold or silver. Ajda rejects the belief that Arab are a Semitic people. Ajda says that after she gets old, she wants to retire to her most favorite city – Amman in Jordan.

Ajda’s husband – Jake is a general practitioner who is popular on the internet for advocating circumcision and the legalization of all sort of gambling around the world. Jake is a regular contributor to top gambling blogs and his blog posts receive more positive feedback than those of any other contributor to the blog. Jake claims to have won millions with online gambling and he attributes most of it to the bet calculators.

Many people wrongly mistake that the reason why Jake advocates circumcision is he is Jewish and his wife is a Muslim but Jake rejects this and he says that there are several scientific benefits of the circumcision which the doctors and scientists are yet to discover.

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