She learnt about Betting Parlour through a Chatango Chatroom and it changed her life forever

Sadia Yakoub has always been a dedicated hard-worker. When Sadia used to own her own dry cleaning business, she dedicated herself to it like she was running the Microsoft. When Sadia gambled, she made sure that she came across each and every useful post on the internet talking about genuine and reliable online casinos and you may be surprised to know that Sadia learnt about Betting Parlour on a Chatango chatroom dedicated to online casinos, lotteries and gambling. Sadia has won 81 million Thai Bahts over a period of 10 months with the help of betting parlour and she started her own wholesale and export company with the money she won.

Sadia’s company wholesales and exports Telephone Booths, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Septic Tanks, Acid Pump Motors, PVC Modular Kitchens, Loft Tanks, Mobil Urine, PVC Cupboards, PVC Kitchen Furniture, PVC Western Toilets, Puff Cabins, Security Cabins, Septic Tanks, Storage Water Tanks, TV Showcase Units, Security Cabin Cone Models.

Sadia’s dad was also a hard-working person like Sadia herself. He used to independently repair Bag Closer Machine with his bare hands.

Sadia believes that most multinational corporations have turned away from the path of supplying their consumers with the best products possible to making the most money out of them and it is Sadia’s core mission to change this all.

Sadia recently enjoyed a trip to Virginia where she fell in love with a tall and handsome Italian man. They have been video-chatting ever since and Sadia says that she will marry him without a second thought if he ever proposes her.

Sadia never drank alcohol, smoke or used any substance. She says that the secret is that she never feels bored and she loves working. Sadia claims that boredom is the root cause of all bad addictions and most people feel bored because they don’t feel satisfied with the work they are doing or the result they are getting with their work or both.

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