Take charge and control of your life with G Club like Cyla Cochrane

Cyla Cochrane claims that most so-called love gurus never went on a single date throughout their lives (especially the male ones). Cyla says that she spent a lot of money on several different love gurus but she could never achieve her goal of marrying the young billionaire that she was after.

Cyla is happy that she didn’t marry that guy, he is now in prison for killing his wife over a petty argument. Cyla is now married to an online gambling millionaire and perhaps one of the greatest จีคลับ winners ever.

 Cyla loves to work out more on the bed than the gym and so does her husband.

Cyla now owns several apricot farms and she herself eats 300 grams of dried apricots everyday from November to March.

One of Cyla’s cousins is a Church priest of very high caliber who claims that it is next to impossible for an Arab Christian to become an Archbishop. He claims that Arab Christians are persecuted by the pope and other high authority members.

Cyla’s dream of becoming a bestseller author might come true as she has been writing a book on the most infamous conman of India ever – Natwar Lal aka Mithilesh Babu aka Mithilesh Srivastava.

Cyla has her own personal philosophy about life. There is no denying that Cyla stays extremely calm during the most stressful situations, but Cyla is also the one who claims that consistency is for the mediocre people.

Cyla hates drinking alcohol and nothing gets her going whenever she drinks some accidentally. She smokes once in a while though.

Cyla once thought about starting an eBay electronic dropshipping business but stopped once she learnt that many dropshippers have been victims of fake electronic devices where they are not even aware of what is going on with them.

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