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Dr Ginanjar Syukuran is a Podiatrist from Bali, Indonesia, who received a lot of hate from his blog visitors and patients alike when he posted on his infamous podiatry blog that those who live on mountainous regions are more likely to have foot problems and the reason is not just the strain that walking up and down on the mountains has on a person’s foot, but rather something which remains a mystery till date. After making this post, Dr Ginanjar received so many critical comments beneath this blog post of his, especially from the younger people, that it ruined his mood to such an extent that he preferred to not work at all for the next couple of days and rather go on an online poker spree with the Poker Deposit 10000 he saved long ago on one of his most favorite poker websites. That was one of the best decisions that Dr Ginanjar took back then, because not only did it refresh and cheer his mood but rather made him win in those 2 days like never before.

Luckily enough for Dr Ginanjar Syukuran, none or very few of his readers are likely to be from Africa, because whence he made a post claiming that bunions are most common among the Bantu people of Africa and what is even more sad is that most people belonging to the Bantu tribe, instead of considering it as a disease, believe the same to be some sort of good luck.

Dr Ginanjar Syukuran was awaiting negative and critical comments after making that post from the people of Africa, especially from those belonging to the Bantu tribe itself, but to his surprise, not even a single comment, negative or positive, came from that part of the world. A couple of trolls from the Indonesia itself tried to troll Dr Ginanjar Syukuran for this, but he has a great experience of tackling such trolls and making them disappear from the scene.

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