American-Indian Scientist trusts only one betting website and it goes by the name ‘Matka Guru’

Dr Chandan Tripathi is an American-Indian Dentist from Little Rock, Arkansas, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that too sensitive and emotional people have extremely sensitive tooth as well. He likes to give example of his in-laws who are very sensitive and emotional, and are often found taking dental advice and tips on the phone from himself all the time on how they can take care of their sensitive tooth better.

Dr Chandan Tripathi has mentioned it more than a couple of times on his blog that the myth that obesity plays a negative role in one’s tooth health is an absolutely false one. He always claims that the obesity doesn’t seem to have any negative or positive affect on one’s tooth health.

Dr Chandan is not a vegetarian himself but he never gets tired of complimenting India and Indians for their vegetarianism. He recently stated with several statistics and other proofs that the people belonging to the mostly vegetarian parts of the world, especially Israel, India and Nepal, are some of the people who are least likely to get any sort of dental issues in their lives.

Dr Chandan Tripathi really sounds very believable when he mentions on his blog from time-to-time that he misses India so much. He claims that he loves India so much that he gambles on no other website than the matka guru and each time he bets there, it is an extremely nostalgic experience for him.

Dr Chandan Tripathi claims to have done a great deal of research on the oral cancer and like. And he claims to have come to the conclusion that the diabetic people who are actively involved in sports or some other heavy physical activity are the people most prone to getting oral cancer.