Vet from Phuket prefers to gamble on weekends over studying the same old boring Zoology

Dr Keisha Watts is a Veterinarian from Phuket, Thailand, who claims on her blog that the Teacup Dogs are some of the least likely dogs to suffer with a bacterial condition called Brucellosis, because of the general tendency of the owners of these cute dogs to be extremely strict and careful when it comes to breeding them.

Dr Keisha Watts writes on her blog that Leukemia is most common among the teacup dogs because their owners mostly feed them with vegetarian diets. She says that it is a pity that many of the owners of tiny dog breeds, especially teacup dogs have a notion that their dogs are way too tiny and cute for a non-vegetarian diet. They believe that their intestines would find it hard to digest a non-vegetarian diet, no matter how much their vets try to persuade them is not the case.

Dr Keisha Watts claims to have never seen a French breed of dog suffering with Lymphoma, personally. She claims the most frequent dogs to her clinic with Lymphoma are the German Shepherds and the Rottweilers.

Dr Keisha Watts doesn’t agree with the claim that the dogs originated about 15000 years ago in Germany. She believes that they are at least a million year old and their origin took place in Scandinavia.

Dr Keisha Watts writes on her blog that she is very unhappy with the pace the Zoology has been progressing. She believes that it hasn’t been progressing even 1/10th at the speed it should and it has tons of flaws.

Like most other doctors, Dr Keisha Watts also has a hobby and that hobby has nothing do with the pets, medicines or physics, but rather it is gambling related and we call it sbobet slot.