Iranian Pediatrician believe this football gambling website is more precious than all the political parties of the world combined

Azadeh Amanpour from Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran, is a Pediatrician, who is popular for writing interesting and sometimes controversial posts on her official blog.

Azadeh writes that the appointments at her clinic have tripled in numbers since she started using Whatsapp for taking appointments. She adds that she really pities the practitioners who still use the outdated phone call method to take appointments.

Azadeh practiced in Benthel Census Area, Alaska, USA for 2 years and practicing there she observed that the anemia is more common among the Red Indian (Native American) babies than ever before for the reasons unknown. She writes that she still wonders what the reason could be behind it and she is still trying to investigate the same.]

Azadeh claims that the babies born in the mornings of summers are more likely to suffer with mumps than those who don’t and the babies born in the nights of the winters are more likely to suffer with measles than those who don’t.

Azadeh writes that women who refrain from wearing a bra are more likely to give birth to babies with asthma. She gives example of 2 of her own sisters-in-law who don’t usually wear a bra and they both gave birth to babies with asthma 5 years ago.

Azadeh jokes that the Republican Party Candidates of the USA are more prone to give birth to babies born with Leukemia than any other party, just like the Persian football websites have the best football site (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال).

Azadeh claims to have been working on to create a foolproof vaccine-free treatment for the patients of diphtheria and she really believes that she will achieve success in the same soon.

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