Neurologist from Jakarta made a trip to Italy with Sbobet Winning Amount and wrote a 2000 word long post about it

Dr Mahbub Fauzie from Jakarta, Indonesia, is a Neurologist, who doesn’t agree with those who attribute a large number of growing mental and emotional disorders to the increasing altered family structure. He believes it has rather decreased the percentage of mental and emotional disorders.

Dr Mahbub claims that single mothers are more prone to mental and emotional disorders than the single fathers; It is a statistically proven fact and if any specialist tells you the opposite, stay away from them.

Dr Mahbub recently enjoyed a trip to Italy with the money he won with the infamous Sbobet. After coming back from the trip, he wrote a whole 2000 word long post on his blog regarding the trip to Italy. In which he writes that although Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country, it is still overrated as a place for tourism. He found most of the Italian attractions to be overrated, especially Michelangelo’s David and Sistine Chapel.

Dr Mahbub believes that the most underrated thing about Italy is its sportswear brand – Lotto. He also believes that Italian food is the most overrated cuisine followed by its North Indian counterpart.

Dr Mahbub Fauzie believes Naples as a city of theatres is vastly overrated and so are the actors that perform there.

Dr Mahbub writes that the Italy during the Middle Ages as it is now was vastly overrated.

Dr Mahbub claims that the street vendors of Italy are nowhere as honest as they once used to be.

He ends his post by mentioning that the Sardinian Shores are the most overrated sight in his arrogant opinion, he claims that the country of Indonesia has much better looking shores and it is no surprise to most Indonesians.

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