American-Indian Scientist trusts only one betting website and it goes by the name ‘Matka Guru’

Dr Chandan Tripathi is an American-Indian Dentist from Little Rock, Arkansas, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that too sensitive and emotional people have extremely sensitive tooth as well. He likes to give example of his in-laws who are very sensitive and emotional, and are often found taking dental advice and tips on the phone from himself all the time on how they can take care of their sensitive tooth better.

Dr Chandan Tripathi has mentioned it more than a couple of times on his blog that the myth that obesity plays a negative role in one’s tooth health is an absolutely false one. He always claims that the obesity doesn’t seem to have any negative or positive affect on one’s tooth health.

Dr Chandan is not a vegetarian himself but he never gets tired of complimenting India and Indians for their vegetarianism. He recently stated with several statistics and other proofs that the people belonging to the mostly vegetarian parts of the world, especially Israel, India and Nepal, are some of the people who are least likely to get any sort of dental issues in their lives.

Dr Chandan Tripathi really sounds very believable when he mentions on his blog from time-to-time that he misses India so much. He claims that he loves India so much that he gambles on no other website than the matka guru and each time he bets there, it is an extremely nostalgic experience for him.

Dr Chandan Tripathi claims to have done a great deal of research on the oral cancer and like. And he claims to have come to the conclusion that the diabetic people who are actively involved in sports or some other heavy physical activity are the people most prone to getting oral cancer.

Investing money in Online Poker has always been a more prudent decision than investing it in Bitcoins

Dr Ginanjar Syukuran is a Podiatrist from Bali, Indonesia, who received a lot of hate from his blog visitors and patients alike when he posted on his infamous podiatry blog that those who live on mountainous regions are more likely to have foot problems and the reason is not just the strain that walking up and down on the mountains has on a person’s foot, but rather something which remains a mystery till date. After making this post, Dr Ginanjar received so many critical comments beneath this blog post of his, especially from the younger people, that it ruined his mood to such an extent that he preferred to not work at all for the next couple of days and rather go on an online poker spree with the Poker Deposit 10000 he saved long ago on one of his most favorite poker websites. That was one of the best decisions that Dr Ginanjar took back then, because not only did it refresh and cheer his mood but rather made him win in those 2 days like never before.

Luckily enough for Dr Ginanjar Syukuran, none or very few of his readers are likely to be from Africa, because whence he made a post claiming that bunions are most common among the Bantu people of Africa and what is even more sad is that most people belonging to the Bantu tribe, instead of considering it as a disease, believe the same to be some sort of good luck.

Dr Ginanjar Syukuran was awaiting negative and critical comments after making that post from the people of Africa, especially from those belonging to the Bantu tribe itself, but to his surprise, not even a single comment, negative or positive, came from that part of the world. A couple of trolls from the Indonesia itself tried to troll Dr Ginanjar Syukuran for this, but he has a great experience of tackling such trolls and making them disappear from the scene.

Here is a message to you India – put a full stop to the godman business and start making money with online gambling

Pierre Virgilio has been making several continuous attempts to reorganize and redesign a new religion which he claims will end all the different religions of the world and make the earth a better place.

Pierre has been unable to understand how and why the government of India has been unable to put a full-stop on the godman business in India. Pierre says that it is as ever-growing as always in India even after the exposure and arrest of so many godmans in India.

Pierre has written so many articles on his blogs exposing what used to go in the ashrams of Sant Rampal, Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Asaram Bapu, Falahari Baba, Datti Maharaj, Narayan Sai and others.

I must say that Pierre has some courage as she started his own business after learning how to make money with one of the best gambling websites (situs judi slot terbaik) irrespective of the frightful consequences.

Pierre is a graduate in mechanical science and engineering but his degree and educational background didn’t help him much to make a fortune which he is now the owner of.

Pierre grew up in a catholic home but he himself turned into an apatheist at the age of 20. Pierre still has a huge respect for Jesus and loves him for everything that he did except proclaiming that he is the son of the god. Pierre doubts whether he ever said that, Pierre says that it was most likely the 12 apostles who popularized the rumor that Jesus is the son of the Yahweh or god himself, Pierre also doubts that the apostles first tried to convert people without claiming that Jesus is the son of the god but a messiah sent by the god and finding that they were unable to convert anyone with this message turned to the idea of claiming that Jesus was the son of the god.

Moving to Hong Kong from Ireland might sound retarded to most but it can turn into a goldmine for some

Julia Quinn is one of the friendliest citizens of Hong Kong that you have never met. Julia was born to an Irish couple in the city of Waterford but she migrated to Hong Kong as her business plan was only applicable there. Julia expected to make billions within a decade with her business idea but somehow she has only been able to make millions. She has promised her friends, family and herself that she will become a billionaire by 2025.

Julia is one daring woman and it is evident from her migrating to a country like Hong Kong from a so-called heaven – Ireland with nothing but a business plan.

Julia’s daring and courage is not merely evident from her decision of moving from Ireland to Hong Kong, but it is evident from almost each and everything that she does including making bold claims publicly like “Moammar Gaddafi was killed by the United States of America in alliance with the state of Saudi Arabia”.

Julia claims that the United States of America is the real brain behind most of what has been going in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Eurasian countries and South Korea for the past few decades. Julia says that the mainstream media will tell you that these are mere conspiracies whereas what the mainstream media shows us is the conspiracy and what they allege to be conspiracies are the realities.

Julia is a student of history and she says that many historians throughout the history have confused the black death with the flood and the flood with the black death (plague). Julia says that the plague was never as widespread as it is believed to be and more than half of the deaths reported to be caused by the plague in reality happened because of the flood.

Julia is not scared to accept that data hk is responsible for 30% of her income and she is proud of this fact instead.

Top Jakarta General Store Owner claims that selling Gift Items is like Betting on a Trusted Soccer Website

Will Greenwood owns a very popular General Store in one of the plushest neighborhoods of Jakarta. The blog and official website of Will’s General Store are as popular as the General Store itself, because of the very interesting posts that Will regularly makes there.

Will writes on his blog that gift items make more money than anything else for a general store, but it comes with a high risk as well, and for that reason, Will’s store has always maintained a percentage of 50% when it comes to keeping the gift items. He further adds and jokes that it is just like betting on a trusted soccer website (judi bola terpercaya), the chances for you making money are high, but so is the risk of losing.

Will’s General Store has been selling online for over 2 years now, and although he is happy with the number of sales that the store makes online, he is disappointed with many things that come with selling online. He writes that the online sales of his General Store reduced 200% when they tried to charge addiction for the shipping. He adds that it is too hard to make profits without charging additional for the shipping, but because Will doesn’t want his store to be left behind the competition, he is willing to do whatever it takes for him to continue to sell online.

Will writes on his blog that religious customers, no matter which religion they belong to, are bigger spenders than their agnostic, apatheist, pantheist and atheist counterparts. And he clarified that he didn’t made the statement to compliment or degrade any certain individual, community or group, but he just mentioned how it really is.

Miami girl living in New York loves to drive fast and bet online

Daphne Williams drives too fast for a New Yorker, Daphne was born and raised up in Miami and lived 30 years of her life there, she is 32 now and she moved along with her husband to Miami in 2016.

Daphne has a twin sister whose name is Rebecca. Rebecca works as an escort in Airoli where she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Daphne has been trying NoSurf for the past couple of years and the last streak she had was the longest ever. She went 110+ days without surfing the internet and then she started fantasizing about watching videos on the Youtube, posting on Reddit, sharing selfies on Facebook and Instagram, since she stopped self-indoctrinating herself for a long time, her surfing addiction overwrote her decisive capabilities somehow and she finally relapsed.  She watched the video of her favorite big dog breeds for hours at a time on the Youtube and checked the latest statuses, videos and pictures of her friends and relatives on Facebook for hours too.

After killing her complete day like that and finding that she got nothing out of it, she of course regretted it.

Daphne has been campaigning against the modern-feminist movement for a while. According to Daphne, “Feminism is fascism, most of these so-called modern-feminists want that all the men die and the rest just want to use them as dildos. They have been spreading pro-masturbation agenda to make the men kill themselves. These feminists are 1000 times worst than the communists.”

Each day, Daphne spends the last half hour of her day betting. She is an online betting pro and she knows the name of almost each and every online gambling game that there is. FIFA55, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker, PKV, you name it. She is also a very regular reader of gambling blogs like this one.

Bat of the god hoped that the lord will appear with his bow and arrows but the lord was busy playing Poker instead

Emerson Munjal is the daughter of an Indian-American father and a French-American mother. Emerson’s dad used to be a state level cricket player back in India, he used to suffer from a mild schizophrenia in those days and self-proclaimed himself as the bat of the god until he was beaten behind the curtains with the same bat that he played with by the mafia. The mafia wanted him to lose the match and they were paying him a good sum of money for the same but Emerson’s dad refused the offer. For the first 5 minutes when they were beating Emerson like an animal, he was laughing and smiling believing that the Hindu god Rama will himself come to save him with his bow and arrows but nothing other than inflammation almost over his body and blood came. That day he decided that he is not going to live in India anymore and is moving to the United States of America which he successfully did. The life for him wasn’t as easy in the United States as he expected it to be but he was far more happy in the US than in India.

Emerson recently traveled to India to explore it and look for a business opportunity after the exaggerated false claims of the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi that he is turning India into an economic superpower and business people from across the world are coming to India and investing in here. Emerson found no opportunity there and every big and small business person that Emerson met was in tears and verbally abusing the Prime Minister.

Emerson returned back to the United States as soon as she could and decided to invest the spare money that she had in playing at pokerclub88.

Daughter of the most famous scientist from Kentucky is a millionaire off online betting

Mindy Harper is the daughter of one of the most popular NASA scientist ever and perhaps the most infamous from the state of Kentucky. Mindy herself is a civil engineer with excellent credentials who completed her education in Bangalore, India.

After learning that billions of dollars have been poured in the most beautiful Southeast Asian country Thailand’s economy by the gambling industry, Mindy decided to start her own online gambling career with the help of fun88 ทางเข้า.

Mindy has made so much money with betting online that she recently inaugurated her multinational company that manufactures and sells V-shaped underwears for men and women. Mindy is currently busy building an online store for her underwear company, she wants her online store to have the best premium feel.

Mindy never bought a petrol hybrid engines car. She says that no matter how hard they try to advance their hybrid petrol cars, diesel engine cars are always going to be a better buy. Mindy owns and drives only Isuzus when it comes to buying a vehicle with a diesel engine including a 2001 Isuzu Axiom.

Mindy’s ultimate aim is to become the dictator of USA. She claims that only a honest and moral dictator like herself can make America great again.

Mindy claims that ex-British Prime Minister – Tony Blair has millions invested in Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Mindy sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that Israel will take over the Palestine in a very dramatic way which nobody is expecting right now. She says that the government of Israel is working on several different secret plans which nobody knows about, not even anyone in America, including Zionist Jews.

Mindy’s best friend is a male spy who was raised by deadbeat parents. This guy has a thing for romance, high life, money, cars, women and boats.

Religion basher loves gambling online and calls it the gateway to the modern era

Jenny Bambach says that there is no way that Christian god or Yahweh whatever you would like to call it is a moral authority. “Might doesn’t make one right and even if there is a god and he is almighty, he is nothing but zealous, not moral”, says Jenny Bambach.

She questions that if god is all-knowing, why couldn’t he predict that Adam and Eve will eat the apples at the Garden of Eden? Jenny even went on to say – “From all accounts, it looks like god is Satan himself pretending to be god. God appeared to Abraham as an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good being but he forgot to leave his vice of envy at home or in clouds and that’s what exposes him as Satan or an evil being pretending to be the god.”

Jenny says that the originators of biblical accounts are not factual. They are either pure myths or didn’t contribute anything to the bible.

Jenny used to be a religious person in her childhood and early teenage years. She describes “The day I stopped caring about whether there is a god or not, I felt a sudden extraordinary sensation of liberation and relief which I cannot forget till this day or maybe ever.”

Just about 3 months ago, Jenny went on to Reddit to read some work related stuff and found the so-called Redditors bashing the users with Muslim usernames back and forth which she found very offensive. She couldn’t resist the temptation to answer those bashers and started an offensive reply spree saying stuff like “You Christians are worse than the Muslims, look at what you did to the Africans” etc.

Jenny is an online and real-life gambling freak and she claims that she cannot live without it. She plays FIFA55, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker, slot online terlengkap, you name it.

The daughter of an abusive petty tent business owner in Bandung is now a millionaire with the help of online betting

Kori Ainsworth says that she knows several webmasters from the 90s and early 2000s who made the internet what it is today and along with making the internet what it is today, each of them also made millions and millions of dollars.

Kori started her online business in a hope of becoming a millionaire herself but she failed to made even a thousand dollar a month in the conventional way but she didn’t give up on her dreams and kept finding a way to become a millionaire, her favorite song used to be “How to be a millionaire” by ABC, yes the popular 80s song.

Anyways, Kori found a fountain of wealth in freebet tanpa deposit terbaru (freebet without the deposit) she has been able to make over 1.5 million USD by now with the ufabet within less than 1 year, that’s what one of the most popular Youtubers of all time and a mechanic for over 50 years – Scotty Kilmer has been able to make by now.

Kori has a huge sympathy for the terrorists belonging to all the nations and religions, Kori says that she has met several different terrorists belonging to several different religions, nations and ethnicities. Kori says that most of these so-called terrorists are poor hormonal and aggressive teenagers who become victim of brainwashing at a very early age. Kori says that killing terrorists is going to result in breeding more terrorists, she says that they need education and awareness rather than brute.

Kori was born to a tent business owner father in the city of Bandung and her mother was a homemaker. Growing up, Kori didn’t have a good childhood, Kori’s father always suspected that his wife is having an affair and would beat the hell out of her because of this very suspicion. Kori grew up hating her father and having an extravagant sympathy for her mother. Kori wanted to become a historian in her childhood but the mother nature had something else for her in her mind.

Meet Dulce Wadhwa – A self-proclaimed Super-Warrior and Super-Gambler

Dulce Wadhwa (name changed) is an Indonesian conspiracy theorist who claims that the death of India’s first female Prime Minister – Indira Gandhi was the part of an international conspiracy designed by Pakistan, United States, Europe and Major Multinational Corporations aimed at carving out Khalistan out of India in order to create another major customer for their arsenal. Pakistan wanted Indira Gandhi dead for the revenge of taking away East Pakistan from the Pakistan and transforming it into a new country which is called Bangladesh today. The multinational corporations weren’t allowed to sell their products in India due to their nationalist policies and they wanted to enter the world’s second most populated country so badly. Sanjay Gandhi was already dead and Rajiv Gandhi was a rookie when it came to the politics, believing that the game is over for the Gandhis if Indira gets killed, the conglomerate did the deed disguising it as the ‘Sikh Bodyguards’ did it to take revenge for hurting their religious feelings.

Then Rajiv Gandhi took over immediately which was unforeseen by most. Very few could foresee Rajiv Gandhi as their leader or foretell that Rajiv will ever get involved in the politics, even when Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi were alive, they couldn’t predict Rajiv as a future leader.

Rajiv Gandhi was first given warnings and order by the conglomerate to let the American, European and their allied friends’ multinationals corporations to come in India and do their trade but Rajiv dismissed their demands. He rather stayed in the Russian camp and after 7 years, he was dead too, only within a couple of months of Rajiv’s death, the multinationals were given a way to enter the Indian market, the major decision was disguised as the new Finance Minister – Dr Manmohan Singh’s major masterplan.

When Dulce is not in her office, sleeping, eating or uncovering conspiracies, she is busy gambling online or reading gambling blogs like the invisible string.

Dulce Wadhwa (name changed) is an Indian-American conspiracy theorist who claims that the death of Indira Gandhi was the part of an international conspiracy designed by Pakistan, United States, Europe and Major Multinational Corporations aimed at carving out Khalistan out of India in order to create another major customer for their arsenal. Pakistan wanted Indira Gandhi dead for the revenge of taking away East Pakistan from the Pakistan and transforming it into a new country which is called Bangladesh today. The multinational corporations weren’t allowed to sell their products in India due to their nationalist policies and they wanted to enter the world’s second most populated country so badly. Sanjay Gandhi was already dead and Rajiv Gandhi was a rookie when it came to the politics, believing that the game is over for the Gandhis if Indira gets killed, the conglomerate did the deed disguising it as the ‘Sikh Bodyguards’ did it to take revenge for hurting their religious feelings.

Then Rajiv Gandhi took over immediately which was unforeseen by most. Very few could foresee Rajiv Gandhi as their leader or foretell that Rajiv will ever get involved in the politics, even when Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi were alive, they couldn’t predict Rajiv as a future leader.

Rajiv Gandhi was first given warnings and order by the conglomerate to let the American, European and their allied friends’ multinationals corporations to come in India and do their trade but Rajiv dismissed their demands. He rather stayed in the Russian camp and after 7 years, he was dead too, only within a couple of months of Rajiv’s death, the multinationals were given a way to enter the Indian market, the major decision was disguised as the new Finance Minister – Dr Manmohan Singh’s major masterplan.

When Dulce is not in her office, sleeping, eating or uncovering conspiracies, she is busy betting on Indonesian fishing town (bandar tembak ikan indonesia).

Theater artist and aspiring Hollywood actress loves betting on Indonesian gambling websites

Bunah Baudin is a Jewellery designer by profession who loves to play chess, billiards & snooker. Bunah is not a stunner but she wants to act in Hollywood movies desperately. She has already worked in theaters. She wants to act as a comedian not a lead actress.

Bunah is a great admirer of the green revolution and she sends 1000 USD to an Indian NGO each year to eradicate poverty in India.

Bunah believes that she knows all the important facts that she needs to know about the United States and the world.

Bunah’s grandfather owned one of the most prominent baseball bat manufacturing company which was a very popular brand of the day, guys used to flaunt their grandfather’s factory made baseball bats.

Bunah believes that the devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar is a part of a major international conspiracy.

Bunah’s mother used to be a popular athlete and she won a gold and 2 silver medals in commonwealth games. The only things that gave happiness to Bunah’s mother were success, achievement and big dreams.

Bunah learnt Jewellery designing from one of the leading colleges of the United States. They teach jewellery designing with Apple and Mac platforms. They have a great infrastructure and they even offered Bunah recruitment because she had always been a marvelous student.

Bunah goes on a bicycle ride everyday for 45 minutes, that’s the only exercise she performs and she is in a perfect shape. Very few people believe her when she tells them that cycling for 45 minutes a day is the only exercise that she does. Many of her friends and relatives have started cycling everyday getting inspired by her.

Bunah is a betting enthusiast and she loves Indonesian betting websites, particularly the Bandarq ones. She also reads gambling blogs and forums regularly.

Hongkong Prize is certain that soon enough he is going to become a billionaire

Sohail Panwala aligns himself with only powerful people. He recently opened a luxury watch retail store and wants to transform it into a bigger watch retail chain than any other. Sohail’s employees always take good care of the customers and his store is one of the most recommended on Google maps. They always try to upsell but their main focus is on customer satisfaction.

Sohail is always trying to improve the communication and time-management skills of his own and those of his employees.

Whenever Sohail faces any sort of problem, his attitude is always “What am I meant to learn from this problem?”

Backtracking the history of Sohail, he was always a destitute kid but nevertheless extremely confident and determined to make a fortune from a very young age. After trying and failing hundreds of times in hundreds of different businesses, he finally did it with Hongkong prize money.

Sohail fell into the bad habit of onanism during his early teen years. His body is still healing from that and felling into the bad habit of onanism is the one and only thing that Sohail still regrets.

Sohail firmly believes that you cannot make anybody work or have ambitions forcefully.

After becoming a billionaire, Sohail wants to increase the number of tourist attractions in his hometown by building stunning monuments.

Sohail is certain that he will become a billionaire one day, no matter how many industries he has to infiltrate or interlope.

Sohail’s grandfather was exiled from his home country on fake charges when Sohail wasn’t even born and since then the family lived meagerly. All of Sohail’s cousins still live in poverty while Sohail is living in affluence.

Sikh-Indian woman living in Japan bookmarked because she believes that’s where the money is

Kuldeep Kaur is an Indian Sikh woman who is 27 now, Kuldeep has always had a pretty successful career. She was only 16 when she took her first test drive of the car that she wanted to buy, actually of the 2 cars that she was confused about, namely Maruti Suzuki SX4 and Chevrolet Optra. In India, you need to be at least 18 years of age to get a driving license but Kuldeep used to drive her car without a license – god bless the bribery, and did I forget to tell you that Kuldeep didn’t go for either of the cars that she test drove, she went for the Hyundai Elantra instead.

Kuldeep cannot forget the funny incident that happened during the notorious 2001 Gujarat earthquake – Kuldeep’s grandmother who couldn’t walk didn’t let anybody in Kuldeep’s family to go down to save their life because she didn’t want to die alone and nobody went down to make sure that the eldest member of the family doesn’t die alone.

Kuldeep’s cousin once called her a soy girl. Instead of going mad, Kuldeep was happy about the fact that this cousin of her has nothing better to do.

Kuldeep is a workaholic and there has never been a time when she felt sleepy while working, she loves working so much that she can work for 3 days without blinking, the only reason that she sleeps is for her health otherwise she would never go to sleep.

Kuldeep is starting her writing career with authoring a book on the Chutiya people of Assam, Kuldeep is writing about how great of warriors these Chutiya people used to be in the ancient and medieval times and how the slang ‘Chutiya’ has its roots in the Chutiya people of Assam.

Kuldeep recently bookmarked the popular gambling website – because she wants to try her luck with the online gambling and the invisible string looks like the best blog to her to get some tips and tricks regarding the same.

Jawaharlal Nehru was responsible for most of the modern India’s problems and Freebet Terbaru is responsible for most of Gigi’s happiness

Gigi Viktorova is an amateur journalist who recently came back from India after learning about that the current government of India and the Indian state/province of Uttar Pradesh is waiting for the Supreme Court of India’s order to destruct the centuries old – Babri Mosque (built by a Mughal emperor and named after the Mughal emperor – Babur). Gigi claims that the Supreme Court of India is going to keep postponing the date for the destruction of Babri Masjid until the 2019 elections at least. She doubts that there will be riots in all over Uttar Pradesh and may be in all over India the day the destruction of Babri Masjid takes place.

Gigi was the first one to criticize the Indian media ethics when the mainstream media of India named a sister of an ISIS terrorist as ‘the terrific sister of a terrorist’. Gigi says that no matter who her brother was, no media has the right to showcase someone innocent and call some ordinary person terrific just because of her good looks.

Gigi accuses Jawaharlal Nehru for being the root and responsible for most of the problems in the current day India including the elimination of the Hindu laws for the Hindus and letting the Muslims practice Islamic marital jurisprudence in India. Gigi says that Jawaharlal Nehru’s sex and smoking addiction really did something to his brain. Gigi says that Syama Prasada Mukherjee couldn’t have been so powerful and popular if Jawaharlal Nehru had shown some intelligence and vision and banned the Islamic marital jurisprudence in India.

Gigi is a Youtube addict but she has been finding it hard to watch videos on Youtube since she has been spending most of her time using freebet terbaru.

From a struggling ghost poet writer to a millionaire, Blaca’s story will get you off your bum to kick asses

Blaca Zammit used to write 100 poems in a day for a living but she now writes 5-7 of those as a hobby. In the days when she wrote 100 poems in a day, she always had a clock ticking countdown on her device to remind her that she has got only a little time. It was a hard-knock life back then for Blaca.

Blaca claims that she belongs to a Royal family whose at least 50 members are still popular. Blaca says that each of those 50 people owns a mansion with enough number of rooms to call it a 4 star hotel.

Blaca is not struggling anymore in order to make a living or survive, she herself owns a penthouse in a plush neighborhood and a restaurant that serves the finest people in the city and regularly sees foreign visitors.

Blaca says that only week people forgive their rivals or enemies because they can’t afford to take a rivalry, when I asked Blaca “What did you do in order to take a revenge on your enemies?” She replied “I succeeded financially and improved my personality like they couldn’t have imagined in a dream and I know that the pain is unbearable for them that they received by this action of mine.”

Blaca owns 5 cats and 2 dogs and she says that from her personal observations, veterinaries are the greatest humanitarians.  I said but they take care of the animals not the humans, she told me that I am stupid and I have no idea how much they help the humans by taking care of their beloved pets.

Would you like to know what Blaca did in order to succeed so fast and so much? Visit to learn.

Fashion magnate enjoyed a trip to the developing countries with the money she won with PokerClub88

Alberta Bourd (name changed) is a fashion magnate obsessed with pastel colors. Alberta has always been obsessed with India and its spirituality. Alberta recently went on a trip to several different countries with the money that she won betting on PokerClub88 websites with the help of tricks and tips that she learnt recently through different poker related forums online.

About South Africa, Alberta noticed that the people of South Africa believe that the current South African president Cyril Ramaphosa wants to create 7 wonders in South Africa.

When Alberta was in India, she had the opportunity to meet the most infamous guru of India currently – Sadhguru. Alberta asked some of the rarest personal questions to Sadhguru starting with 1. Have you been living a life of celibacy since your wife passed away? To which Sadhguru replied “I have been living a celibate life for the past 10 years but I struggled with celibacy before that”. 2. When did you hit puberty? Sadhguru replied “Perhaps at the age of 14 but I masturbated for the first time when I was 17 to the pictures of the Bollywood actresses – Zeenat Aman and Rekha.” 3. Do you believe that interracial breeding produces better kids than the same race breeding? Sadhguru replied “I believe so, I have noticed some of the most talented, smart, good-looking and hard-working people are the result of interracial breeding, for example – Steve Jobs, Kabir Bedi, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bedi and many others. 4. Is hitting puberty at a later age better than hitting it early? Sadhguru replied “It is quite subjective. I have seen some of the most productive people that hit it earlier than most others, for example – men that hit puberty at age 11 and women that hit puberty at the age of 9. And I have also seen some of the most productive, talented and skilled people that hit it later, for example, a man that I wouldn’t name, he hit the puberty at the age of 19 and his story is one of that from the rags to the riches.”

This mother abroad sent her daughters the most expensive dolls that she could find with UFABet money

Johari Hebden is currently in Pattaya, Thailand, while her family is in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Johari sent her daughters some of the most expensive dolls that she could find online with the money she won while still in Thailand with the help of ufabet ทางเข้า.
. Johari is glad that her daughter loved those dolls but is now asking for more. Johari says that she is going to buy some used ones off the eBay and send her the same and she wouldn’t get to know that they are used as she is young enough for that.

Johari says that she has witnessed more and more internet geeks become car freaks in the recent times because of the amount that they are making with their hard/smart work online or the amount they are winning with online gambling/lotteries/casinos.

Johari is popular for satire among her friends and family. Johari says that one thing that Real Estate Brokers, Lawyers, Car Dealers, Accountants and Politicians have in common is that nobody believes in what they say.

Johari says that the common people are becoming more aware of the celebrities’ PR stunts and soon enough the celebrity news and magazines are going to be a part of the history.

Johari has been involved with the SEO industry for quite a while now and she says that she is curious to bring a revolution in the pop-up ads industry.

Johari claims that she still makes more money with email marketing than SEO

Johari says that since the inflation, nothing is worth the money that it really costs. Johari says that what is only worth praise is worth purchasing and you should only buy the stuff that is getting genuine praise all over.

Take charge and control of your life with G Club like Cyla Cochrane

Cyla Cochrane claims that most so-called love gurus never went on a single date throughout their lives (especially the male ones). Cyla says that she spent a lot of money on several different love gurus but she could never achieve her goal of marrying the young billionaire that she was after.

Cyla is happy that she didn’t marry that guy, he is now in prison for killing his wife over a petty argument. Cyla is now married to an online gambling millionaire and perhaps one of the greatest จีคลับ winners ever.

 Cyla loves to work out more on the bed than the gym and so does her husband.

Cyla now owns several apricot farms and she herself eats 300 grams of dried apricots everyday from November to March.

One of Cyla’s cousins is a Church priest of very high caliber who claims that it is next to impossible for an Arab Christian to become an Archbishop. He claims that Arab Christians are persecuted by the pope and other high authority members.

Cyla’s dream of becoming a bestseller author might come true as she has been writing a book on the most infamous conman of India ever – Natwar Lal aka Mithilesh Babu aka Mithilesh Srivastava.

Cyla has her own personal philosophy about life. There is no denying that Cyla stays extremely calm during the most stressful situations, but Cyla is also the one who claims that consistency is for the mediocre people.

Cyla hates drinking alcohol and nothing gets her going whenever she drinks some accidentally. She smokes once in a while though.

Cyla once thought about starting an eBay electronic dropshipping business but stopped once she learnt that many dropshippers have been victims of fake electronic devices where they are not even aware of what is going on with them.

From dishwashers to giant luxury van restaurant owner

Abrahan is a 22 year young guy from the small town called Leme in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Abrahan’s one and only dream while he was growing up was to go the United States one day and make a fortune there. Abrahan never wanted to become a criminal but he couldn’t get enough of watching the movie Scarface.

After completing high school in Leme, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Abrahan worked at a local restaurant for a couple of years and then at the age of 20, he went to the Miami, United States. Like Tony Montana in the movie Scarface, Abrahan worked as a dishwasher initially in the paradise called Miami. He also met a co-worker there who till date is his best friend. His name is Inacio and he is also from Brazil but from a different town and state. Inacio is from Barcarena, Para. The co-incidence is that Inacio also loves the movie Scarface and he is very much inspired by the Manolo Ribera played by Steven Bauer in the movie Scarface.

Both Abrahan and Inacio came to the United States to achieve the American dream one day and while it looked impossible to them to achieve the same after one year of struggling offline, they went the online way. Inacio told Abrahan about ituqq and how it could make them rich. Abrahan was too much excited to learn more about the same, after seeing a hope, Abrahan and Inacio invested 75 US Dollars each into the game and started playing.

In the first night, they transformed their 150 US Dollars into 225. Both were very excited and played the game again the next night coming back from the work, this time they transformed their 225 US Dollars into 775 and they couldn’t believe it.

Within 1 year only through ituqq, they have bought a giant stunning van restaurant which they call “Abrahan and Inacio’s” and they have 4 employees as well. They only serve Brazilian food.

Selling VCR Cassettes in Miami Vice Era was stupid but providing free spins to online gamblers is not

Bobina Borg (name changed) claims that the Walton family wants to take over the world and their recent takeover of the Indian e-commerce giant – Flipkart is just one example. The Flipkart owns the eBay India, Myntra, Jabong and a few other top eCommerce websites in India. They were a billion dollar company and the government of India couldn’t help them, they just watched the Walmart take over them while eating popcorn. Bobina says that the Walton family is the real Illuminati and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are just scapegoats.

Bobina’s dad – Mr. Borg used to sell VCR Cassettes during the Miami Vice era and that’s the biggest mistake that one can commit, selling VCR cassettes in the Miami Vice era was like selling Indian sarees to the Bosnian people. Not to mention that his business was a bigger flop than you can imagine.

Bobina herself tried her luck in several different careers including singing, composing and now gambling. Gambling has made Bobina more money in 2 years than her entire family could in its lifetime. Bobina says that the secret to her success with gambling is that she learnt more in each career than her successful counterparts and accumulated her experience in her mind to use the same in the next career. Finally, she became a success in the online gambling world with the help of websites like

Bobina says that she lives to buy scarce stuff and nothing gives her a bigger boost than buying scarce stuff online or offline. She plans to open her own pawn shop one day and she wants that to be the greatest pawn shop in the history of Malta and Gozo.

HR Analyst bought a 3 decade old Printing Company with the millions she made with football gambling

Anna Martini brags that she only watches a Youtuber for the second time if he/she could touch her heart at the first time. Anna says that not only herself but all her friends do the same.

Anna Martini hates politics and politicians so much that she prays to the god (although she is an agnostic) everyday to take away all the politicians through a magical cyclone.

Anna lived in the different countries of the Indian subcontinent for a significant time while she used to work as a HR analyst at an IT services company. Anna observed that the convoy of Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs is much larger than that of Indian Prime Minister and so are the illegitimate and illegal bank of accounts of the Pakistani Ministers. The only thing that Anna loved about Pakistan was its food. Anna got addicted to Pakistani chicken biryani after staying there for 6 months.

Recently, Anna bought a 3 decade old printing company which is already very popular for printing business cards. Anna says that she couldn’t have done this if she didn’t win millions with football gambling using the tips and tricks and about the honest football gambling websites she learnt about with the help of an Agen Bola Online.

Being a businesswoman interested in entering into the automobile business one day, Anna says that the rising cost of steel is going to cause a great disaster for the world economy sooner or later.

Anna loves to study politics as well and she claims that the Zambia is going to be the next Venezuela and it is all happening because of the Illuminati. Anna claims that Nicolás Maduro Moros is an Illuminati puppet who has been recruited to destroy the growing Venezuelan economy and creativity. Anna says that we shouldn’t be surprised to see more Maduro Moros as they are on a constant growth rate for quite a while. Anna says that the people need to wake up before it is too late, Anna believes that it is already late but we shouldn’t let it transform into too late.

She learnt about Betting Parlour through a Chatango Chatroom and it changed her life forever

Sadia Yakoub has always been a dedicated hard-worker. When Sadia used to own her own dry cleaning business, she dedicated herself to it like she was running the Microsoft. When Sadia gambled, she made sure that she came across each and every useful post on the internet talking about genuine and reliable online casinos and you may be surprised to know that Sadia learnt about Betting Parlour on a Chatango chatroom dedicated to online casinos, lotteries and gambling. Sadia has won 81 million Thai Bahts over a period of 10 months with the help of betting parlour and she started her own wholesale and export company with the money she won.

Sadia’s company wholesales and exports Telephone Booths, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Septic Tanks, Acid Pump Motors, PVC Modular Kitchens, Loft Tanks, Mobil Urine, PVC Cupboards, PVC Kitchen Furniture, PVC Western Toilets, Puff Cabins, Security Cabins, Septic Tanks, Storage Water Tanks, TV Showcase Units, Security Cabin Cone Models.

Sadia’s dad was also a hard-working person like Sadia herself. He used to independently repair Bag Closer Machine with his bare hands.

Sadia believes that most multinational corporations have turned away from the path of supplying their consumers with the best products possible to making the most money out of them and it is Sadia’s core mission to change this all.

Sadia recently enjoyed a trip to Virginia where she fell in love with a tall and handsome Italian man. They have been video-chatting ever since and Sadia says that she will marry him without a second thought if he ever proposes her.

Sadia never drank alcohol, smoke or used any substance. She says that the secret is that she never feels bored and she loves working. Sadia claims that boredom is the root cause of all bad addictions and most people feel bored because they don’t feel satisfied with the work they are doing or the result they are getting with their work or both.

Biggest Box Cutter seller on eBay loves to roll the dice online

Gelleh Bonnaire was born to a crazy plumber guy who was a wonderful multi-tasker. He was renowned in his neighborhood for performing those crazy multi-tasks and he did it so well that the people living in the same neighborhood wouldn’t call any other plumber. There was no other plumber shop in the entire neighborhood, they all went bankrupt and Gelleh’s dad’s business was hopping like always. He had several plumbers working for him at his shop. Gelleh’s dad would charge four times the amount than a regular plumber and he would only visit a location if specially called. The other plumbers that he recruited were also crazy, he specifically looked for crazy plumbers while recruiting one but nobody else could match the magnetism of his craziness. The whole family would watch him performing his task.

Gelleh like his father never buys new cars, she only buys second hand cars. She prefers Japanese cars over any other because of their reliability and cheaper maintenance costs.

Gelleh is the biggest box cutter seller on eBay. She has over 1 million reviews on her store. She sells over a thousand quantities per day and makes a nice amount of profit. She receives 500-600 reviews per day on an average which is quite great.

Gelleh is one of the most active users on r/getdisciplined subreddit. She loves to meet like-minded people. Her current goal is to keep herself accountable and keep improving. She loves to play guitar and she loves punk rock music.

Gelleh also loves to gamble online once in a while. Gelleh has been very actively gambling on some of the best dice games for the past few weeks and she has also been taking inspiration from the stories of million-dollar winners’ stories.

She wants to retire to Amman, Jordan with her gambling money

Ajda Hussain is an American citizen of Arabic origin. Ajda is an engineer by profession. Ajda lived in Japan for a while where she worked as a senior tech engineer for Yamaha. Ajda says that she learnt more at Yamaha within 6 months than she has in her entire life. Ajda loved the fact that the Yamaha hires some of the top motivational speakers to come and speak at their offices. Ajda had the pleasure of meeting the leading motivational speaker – Brian Tracy while working at Yamaha. In her diary, Ajda has mentioned Brian Tracy as one of the most phenomenal human beings that she has ever met.

Ajda claims to have done an extensive study on the serial killers. She says that the serial killers and other similar criminals are the result of bad genetics and poor upbringing.

Being a Muslim, Ajda says that east or west – Shariah is the best. Ajda claims that during the prehistoric times, there was a tribe in Arabia that created an empire so wealthy that the houses all over the empire were made of gold or silver. Ajda rejects the belief that Arab are a Semitic people. Ajda says that after she gets old, she wants to retire to her most favorite city – Amman in Jordan.

Ajda’s husband – Jake is a general practitioner who is popular on the internet for advocating circumcision and the legalization of all sort of gambling around the world. Jake is a regular contributor to top gambling blogs and his blog posts receive more positive feedback than those of any other contributor to the blog. Jake claims to have won millions with online gambling and he attributes most of it to the bet calculators.

Many people wrongly mistake that the reason why Jake advocates circumcision is he is Jewish and his wife is a Muslim but Jake rejects this and he says that there are several scientific benefits of the circumcision which the doctors and scientists are yet to discover.

Identical twin sisters enjoyed swapping husbands

Batya Gilad (name changed) climbs stairs for 45 minutes everyday and that’s the only exercise she does the entire day. Batya has a bad habit since childhood of crying after she sees a nightmare. About 2 weeks ago, Batya had a nightmare that she lost 100, 000 within one night on an online gambling website, after she woke up, instead of crying for the first time, she started reading blog posts on different gambling blogs, mainly the most popular ones.

Batya’s identical twin sister – Katya is a workaholic and a bodybuilder. She lifts weights not to look more athletic but to gain more strength which is very very rare among the women.

Katya believes in dreaming big and enjoying her work to the fullest while Batya is quite the opposite. Forget about enjoying the work, Batya doesn’t work at all and plays video games all day long and place bets in the night. Batya makes more money than Katya. Most of the times Batya comes up as a winner while betting and Katya doesn’t envy her at all for this. Katya has never tried gambling and she is never willing to do the same. She is extremely happy with her workaholic lifestyle and she works for the joy of working not for the money. Money is just an offshoot for Katya and a means for survival, nothing more than that.

Once Katya and Batya swapped their husbands when they all were drunk and the funny thing is that none of the husbands even suspected that the woman is different. They were so high. Katya and Batya are identical but Katya is a very athletic bodybuilder and Batya is a thin average looking woman. After they were done, Katya hated her experience with Batya’s husband but Batya enjoyed the husband of Katya thoroughly, he has that horse stamina.

Promiscuity or adultery is nothing new for both the sisters, they used to work as North Goa escorts back when they lived in India.

Part-time herbalife products seller turned salon owner

Breina is a 33 year old ex-homemaker who used to sell herbalife products part-time to make some extra money. Breina was selling herbalife products since she was 29. It wasn’t that she needed the money desperately back then, she just did it as a hobby and to socialize.

The situation got very different when Breina was 32. Breina’s husband lost his job and now they have a kid as well. Breina tried her best to sell more of the herbalife products, but she failed. She even tried selling them on eBay, but others were already selling there at much lower prices and those other sellers even had thousands of positive reviews.

Breina had no idea what else she could do. Breina asked her husband whether she should do a course of the beautician. Her husband said “Yes, go ahead if that’s your passion. But don’t do it just for the money. Everything will be alright, don’t worry.”

Breina took a course for the beautician. She also got a job at a salon near to her house. She enjoyed the job, but she also started dreaming to have her own salon.

Breina didn’t tell anybody that she wants to have her own salon. She just kept dreaming about it until she hit the jackpot one rainy day. The day didn’t only rain water, but it also rained a lot of money for Breina, and the money has still been raining all over her house till now.

Breina, by accident or by luck, discovered judi online uang asli. She only started with $150, and now she owns her own salon. She doesn’t pay up the rent for the place, because she owns the place. Her salon is very popular in the area now and Breina is doing pretty well for herself, and she looks even prettier too now. Working as a South Goa escort also contributed lot to Breina’s wealth and she is not ashamed to admit it.

The journey of a thousand wins begins with a single win – Araminta Fadel

Araminta Fadel is an immigrant herself in the beautiful and ever-progressing country called Israel. Araminta acknowledges the fact that topmost countries like the ones in Western Europe, Scandinavia, United States, Canada and Australia would be better off without the immigrants and the immigrants have much lesser to give in exchange for what they are taking.

Being from an Islamic country herself, Araminta ensures the people in the Muslim majority countries think of western people as some evil beings and they think of current modern western civilization as something intrinsically evil.

Araminta says that most people in the Islamic countries when hear the word ‘America’ they think of naked homosexual men and women walking down the streets of the San Francisco and when they hear or think about the word ‘France’ they imagine Muslim immigrant women getting forced to take off their hijabs, chadars and burqas.

While Araminta is not as strict as her Saudi Arabian or Pakistani counterparts, she is of the belief that LGBT freedom is a chronic peril to the civilization. Araminta is of the belief that a straight man and a straight woman who are married and are willing to have children together only are eligible for any sort of sexual intimacy and a gay or lesbian couple’s intimacy doesn’t fulfill that requirement at all.

Araminta also acknowledges that even the topmost scholars of any field cannot be fully trusted. Like most women, Araminta is also skeptical about most of the things. One self-proclaimed scholar that Araminta hates the most is Arundhati Roy from India. Araminta says that the only credential that she has is being the cousin of Indian media tycoon – Pranoy Roy.

Araminta is really enjoying everything that Israel has to offer and the thing that Araminta has been enjoying the most is the money that she has been making as a Tel Aviv Escort.

This richie loves to prank escort services and bet online

Lemuel Davidi claims that ‘Uriah the Hittite’ should be known as the real Jewish and Islamic prophet. He is the most underrated character in all of Jewish, Christian and Islamic mythology or history, whatever word you prefer, according to Lemuel Davidi.

Lemuel is a rich man and the business that generates most money for him is his seat cover manufacturing and wholesaling business that only uses high grade material. Their seat covers are suitable with any and every climatic condition. Lemuel has been delivering his seat covers to one of the top vehicle manufacturing company’s unit in Detroit.

Being so rich, Lemuel can afford any escort girl that he wants but he still pranks them and stays loyal to his one and only dearest wife. He acts presidential with the Mumbai Russian Escorts on the phone and troll them, it is one of his most favorite hobbies and sometimes his wife also joins him. Sometimes they act as a couple that is looking for a bisexual escort, the other times they act as a couple looking for one man and one woman. Once they heard that they have celebrity escorts in India so they decided to prank them telling that they have a budget of 400, 000 USD and want nothing less than a Bollywood beauty.

Lemuel owns a wrist watch of every color and almost that of every major luxury brand while his wife is not interested in watches that much but she loves those bags. She owns almost every popular major brand and every color.

Marie Vasilava made enough money with Singapore Sport bets to start her own eBay business

Marie Vasilava claims that India is the future of the world and the uprising of the Royal House of the Benaras in India is near which will ultimately shake the world like no other ever before. Marie says that tens of centuries of slavery has turned Indians into losers but they are now realizing it which is making them smarter than any other race or nation in the world. Marie knows several Indians belonging to the Bania/Vaishya and Brahmin communities and she says that these people are some of the smartest people that she has ever met, even smarter than the Chinese, Japanese and Jewish people.

Marie says that it is such a contradictory thing that almost all of Sweden drives Volvos but they are still one of the most unsafe nations. Marie has nothing against the Muslims but she complains that the government of Sweden is not taking strict enough measures to take care of the illegal and even legal Muslim immigrants who are turning Sweden into ‘Rapeswedistan‘. Marie says that if a government cannot give justice to one woman who was raped then the government doesn’t deserve to be called even a government and most of the ministers of such a government must resign. Marie claims that only dictatorship can save Sweden now and the people of Sweden must ask for the resignation of their so-called liberal ministers.

Marie is currently the topmost successful refurbished laptop seller on the eBay, a business that she started after winning a huge amount with Singapore sport bet. Marie always wanted to sell refurbished laptops and other electronics on eBay as she knew the greatest source for refurbished laptops and other electronics in her province but she didn’t have enough funds to buy those. Now, since Marie has found Singbet9, she is richer than ever before and makes more money than anyone else in her entire family of over 100 members.